Bar-Tek 1.8 & 2.0 TSI EA888.3 MQB Oil Catch Tank Kit

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Oil catch tank kit from BAR-TEK® plus PCV suitable for all 1.8L and 2.0L TSI engines of the third generation such as in the Golf 7 GTI, Audi A3, TT and many more.

Ultimate catch tank kit for your TSI with TÜV! No registration necessary!

This is the best solution to minimize coking of the intake valves. Excessively coked intake valves can lead to major engine damage due to valve demolition!

Other disadvantages of coking:

  • Uneven idling
  • power loss

The coking on the intake valves and in the intake duct is caused by long-life oils, inferior fuel and short-distance operation. In general, coking cannot be prevented, only delayed. We therefore recommend installing our oil catch tank kit.

The kit consists of:

  • PCV adapter plate with engine ventilation
  • Oil catch tank, size: 140mm x 80mm
  • Holder for the catch tank
  • 1x 1 meter Dash 10 lines with nylon fabric (particularly oil-resistant)
  • 2x 45 ° Dash 10 fitting
  • 2x straight dash 10 fitting
  • 2x NPT to Dash 10 adapter 90 ° for the catch tank
  • 1x catch tank assembly kit (tank ventilation, banjo, small parts)

It is best to order a new PCV seal.

Note about cold weather climates:
Catch tank kits are designed for warm weather climates only. If you live in an area with sub-freezing temperatures in winter months, extra precaution must be taken as condensation in catch tank and lines can freeze and cause pressure to build up in the crankcase. We recommend checking catch can contents frequently or removing the system entirely during cold winter months.