Bar-Tek 2.0L TSI EA888 Gen.2 Upgrade High Pressure Pump HPFP

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Upgrade-fuel-pump-conversion-kit for tuned 2.0L TSI engines with Gen. 2 chain drive

Perfect for 2.0L TSI EA888 engines (Gen. 2 chain drive) like in Golf 6: The upgrade-high pressure fuel pump conversion kit.

The kit is perfect for all tuned 2.0L TSI engines from 340 HP . It constantly supplies your engine with the right amount of fuel, so it won't stall or even run out in corners!

The DLC coating of the piston also ensures less friction and wear! The optimal high pressure pump conversion kit for the tuned Golf 6, Scirocco, Audi TT, Audi A3 and Co.

Features of the upgrade-pump conversion kit:

  • Up to 180 bar fuel pressure (series: 140 bar)
  • Indispensable for tuned TSI engines
  • piston size is 11,50mm