Bar-Tek High Performance Ignition Coils Red with Heat sinks

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Red High Performance Ignition Coils with improved heat dissipation by BAR-TEK®.

BAR-TEK® Motorsport ignition coils are a higher performance plug & play alternative to original ignition coils. With an integrated CNC-machined heat sink, they offer improved heat dissipation and colourful styling.                  

The BAR-TEK® High Performance ignition coils offer a 10% increase in energy output, perfect for maximising the performance in your vehicle. The integrated CNC-milled heat sink ensures better heat dissipation, which further improves the coils. The red design makes the ignition coils an eye-catcher in the engine compartment.

Features & Specifications:

  • 10% higher Power Output
  • CNC-machined heat sinks for better heat dissipation
  • Stable ignition spark
  • Plug & Play
  • registration-free

Our Ignition Coils fit in the following engines:

  • 1.2L EA211 - 4 ignition coils necessary
  • 1.4L EA211 - 4 ignition coils necessary
  • 1.5L EA211 - 4 ignition coils necessary
  • 1.6L EA211 - 4 ignition coils necessary
  • 1.8L EA888 Gen 3 - 4 ignition coils necessary
  • 2.0L EA888 Gen 3 - 4 ignition coils necessary
  • 2.0L EA888 Gen 3B - 4 ignition coils necessary
  • 2.5L EA855 EVO - 5 ignition coils necessary
  • 2.9L EA839 - 6 ignition coils necessary
  • 3.0L EA839 - 6 ignition coils necessary
  • 4.0L EA825 - 8 ignition coils necessary
Ignition Coils
  •  10% more Power
  •  CNC-Machined Heat Sink
  •  stable spark
  •  plug & play


We recommend always spraying  some silicone spray on the coil during installation. Otherwise it can happen that the rubber tears during disassembly.

In addition, it is advisable to use the original tool.  .