BMW B58B30O1 Gen 2 (for G-series) Upgrade Turbocharger

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Bolt-on hybrid turbocharger for BMW with B58B30O1 (B58TU) engine designed to work with stock exhaust manifold and other engine units. 


Turbosystems upgrade turbocharger for BMW B58B30B features: 

  • reinforced thrust bearing;
  • enlarged machined from the solid compressor wheels;
  • enlarged turbine wheels;
  • machined enlarged housings;
  • new shafts;
  • balanced on VSR;


Power range: 

  • Stage 1 - 600HP;
  • Stage 2 - 650+ HP;


INSTALLATION NOTE: stage 2 version requires an aftermarket intake pipe, which can be added as an option with this turbocharger. 


Important! Exchange basis.

This turbocharger is sold only on EXCHANGE basis. You are required to deliver your original turbocharger to our headquarters before "Turbosystems" sends you an upgraded version. Full information about our upgrade turbochargers exchange basis HERE.


part number: 11 65 7 934 387

Compatible with BMW G-series models equipped with gen 2 B58 engine turbochargers:

M240i(X) Coupe G42
M340i(X) Sedan G20
M340i(X) Sedan G20 LCI
M340iX Touring G21
M340iX Touring G25 LCI
M440i(X) Coupe G22
M440i(X) Convertible G23
M440i(X) Gran Coupé G26 
X3 M40iX SAV G01
X3 M40iX SAV G01 LCI
X4 M40iX SAC G02
X4 M40iX SAC G02 LCI