Bull-X Downpipe 2,75" - Mini Cooper S JCW F56 2.0 Turbo

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You want to achieve higher performance with your turbocharged engine and at the same time relieve your turbocharger and protect the surrounding components?

Then you should start with this Bull-X product!

Downpipes are a significant part for torque range and power in a charged system. They are the connection between the exhaust outlet of the charger and the catalyst. If the diameter of the downpipe ist bigger, the turbocharger is able to lead off the exhaust gas easier and quicker. This has a positive influence on torque and power.

The advantages at a glance:
• the turbocharger is able to lead off the exhaust gas easier, this is the reason for more power
• better torque range, because the charger can speed up faster
• fits in combination with oem exhaust systems
• lower exhaust temperature, so the charger and the exhaust manifold is more protected
• with 200 cells catalyst (without German MOT)


Catalyst information

When selecting a downpipe without catalytic converter or with catalytic cells 100/100, a fault message of the post-catalytic lambda sensor in the control unit may occur, which does not lead to any restrictions during driving, since the first lambda probe is available for engine control. The Nachkatsonde is responsible only for monitoring the Kat effect. This can be programmed out by adapting the software from a chip tuner.

For most vehicles up to Euro 3 emission standard there is no Nachkatsonde available and the installation is possible without further adjustment and error message.

The washcoat content in HJS ECE and EOBD Kats is significantly higher and is characterized by a very high oxygen storage capacity, which avoids error messages. The EOBD Kats have been tested for this topic until Euro 4. Of course, the durability and use is up to the Euro 6 emission standard given.
For Euro 5/6 vehicles, the above points can only be avoided if a cat with an ECE selection is hit.

BULL-X Exhausts produces exhaust systems at the highest level.
Bull-X is a trademark of HG Motorsport GmbH and deals with the development, design and manufacture of high-performance exhaust systems. Each product is the 100% Made in Germany. Hand Crafted from our company.


Mini Cooper S and John Cooper Works F56 models with following engone codes: B48 A20 A, B46 A20 A and B48 A20 B:

Mini    F56    Cooper S 2.0 120 kW (163HP)
Mini    F56    Cooper S 2.0 Turbo 141 kW (192HP)
Mini    F56    Cooper S JCW 2.0 Turbo 155 kW 211HP)
Mini    F56    JCW 2.0 Turbo 170 kW (231HP)