Bull-X ECE Downpipe - VAG 2.0 T(F)SI EA888 GEN.4 (Golf Mk8 GTI/R)

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BULL-X Exhausts produces Downpipes at the highest level.

The downpipe for the VW Golf Mk8 GTI from HG-Motorsport can be replaced 100% with the standard part. Perfect fitting accuracy and high-quality materials make this item a top product from our range. The turbocharger can be greatly relieved by optimizing the diameter, pipe routing and/or catalytic converter.
A lower back pressure and the thermal relief create a significant plus in torque, power, earlier response and that at the same time with an extension of durability.

Technical details:
- Pipe diameter: 76mm / 3"
- Made of stainless steel
- Completely TIG welded
- With 200 cell HJS sports catalyst incl. ECE type approval

The advantages at a glance:
- Plug'n'Play solution - perfect fit, can be easily replaced with the original component
- High-quality materials
- Made in Germany - real quality from our own production
- flow-optimized and performance-enhancing
- improved durability and responsiveness
- optimal exhaust gas removal
- without disturbing edges at the transitions
- designed and tested on PC and performance test bench
- No more heat accumulation at the supercharger and thus less thermal stress on the turbo
- Better response and measurable slight increase in power



Catalyst information

When selecting a downpipe without a catalytic converter or with a 100/200-cell catalytic converter, there may be an error message of the post-catalytic lambda sensor in the control unit, which does not lead to restrictions in driving operation because the first lambda sensor end is present for the motor control. The post-cat Sensor is only responsible for monitoring the effect of the catalyst. This can be programmed out by adapting the software from a chip tuner.

With most cars up to Euro 3 Emission code, there is no post-cat Sensor and installation is possible without further adjustment and error message.

The wash coat content of HJS ECE and EOBD Kats is significantly higher and is characterized by a very high oxygen storage capacity, which means that errors can be avoided. The EOBD Kats are tested for this topic up to Euro 4. The durability and the use up to the Euro 6 exhaust-gas standard is of course given.
For Euro 5/6 vehicles, the above points can only be avoided if a cat with an ECE selection is made.

For more information on pollutant classes, please click here.


BULL-X Exhausts produces exhaust systems at the highest level.
Bull-X is a trademark of HG Motorsport GmbH and deals with the development, design and manufacture of high-performance exhaust systems. Each product is the 100% Made in Germany. Hand Crafted from our company.


following models WITH ECE and parts certificate for combined registration:
Vehicle                                                  E-Number                   Power                   Engine code
Audi S3 (8Y) 2.0 TFSI quattro                 e1*2007/46*2060*..    228kW / 310HP     DNFB (With parts certificate §19.3)
Audi Q3 (F3) 45 TFSI quattro                  e1*2007/46*1900*..    180kW / 245HP     DNPA (With parts certificate §19.3)
Audi SQ2 (GA) 2.0 TFSI quattro               e1*2007/46*1552*..    221kW / 300HP     DNFC (With parts certificate §19.3)
Cupra Ateca (KH7, KHP) 2.0 TSI 4Drive   e9*2007/46*6394*..    221kW / 300HP     DNFC (With parts certificate §19.3)
Cupra Leon KL 2.0 TSI                            e9*2007/46*3167*..    180kW / 245HP     DNPA (With parts certificate §19.3)
Cupra Leon KL 2.0 TSI                            e9*2007/46*3167*..    221kW / 300HP     DNFC (With parts certificate §19.3)

Cupra Leon KL 2.0 TSI                            e9*2007/46*3167*..    228kW / 310HP     DNFB (With parts certificate §19.3)
Cupra Formentor (KM7) 2.0 TSI              e9*2007/46*4008*..    180kW / 245HP     DNPA (With parts certificate §19.3)
Cupra Formentor (KM7) 2.0 TSI 4Drive   e9*2007/46*4008*..    228kW / 310HP     DNFB (With parts certificate §19.3)
Seat Tarraco (KN) 2.0 TFSI 4Drive           e9*2007/46*6666*..    180kW / 245HP     DNPA (With parts certificate §19.3)
Skoda Octavia IV (NX) RS 2.0 TFSI          e8*2007/46*0355*..    180kW / 245HP     DNPA (With parts certificate §19.3)
Skoda Kodiaq RS 2.0 TSI 4x4                  e8*2007/46*0249*..    180kW / 245HP     DNPA (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 4motion                    e1*2007/46*1725*..     206kW / 280HP     DNFE (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Arteon R 2.0 TSI 4motion                 e1*2007/46*1725*..     235kW / 320HP     DNFG (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Golf Mk8 GTI 2.0 TSI                         e1*2007/46*2014*..    180kW / 245HP     DNPA (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Golf Mk8 GTI Clubsport 2.0 TSI         e1*2007/46*2014*..    221kW / 300HP     DNFC (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Golf Mk8 R 2.0 TSI 4motion              e1*2007/46*2014*..    235kW / 320HP     DNFG (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Golf Mk8 R 2.0 TSI 4motion 20Years  e1*2007/46*2014*..   245kW / 333HP     DNFF (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Golf Mk8 R Variant 2.0 TSI 4motion   e1*2007/46*2180*..    235kW / 320HP     DNFG (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Passat B8 (3G) 2.0 TSI 4motion        e1*2001/116*0307*..   206kW / 280HP     DNFE (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW T-Roc (A1) R 2.0 4motion                 e13*2007/46*1845*..  221kW / 300HP     DNFC (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Tiguan II (AD) 2.0 TSI 4motion          e1*2001/116*0450*..  180kW / 245HP     DNPA (With parts certificate §19.3)
VW Tiguan II (AD) R 2.0 TSI 4motion       e1*2001/116*0450*..  235kW / 320HP     DNFG (With parts certificate §19.3)

following models WITH ECE (FWD):
Vehicle                        Engine/Power                      Engine code
Audi TT (8S)                 40 TFSI 2.0 (145kW/197HP)   DNNB
Audi TT (8S)                 45 TFSI 2.0 (180kW/245HP)   DNPA
Seat Leon IV (KL)         2.0 TFSI (140kW/190HP)        DNNA
Skoda Superb III (3V)   2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP)          DNNA
VW Arteon                   2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP)          DNNA
VW Golf Mk8                2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP)          DNNA
VW Passat B8 (3G)       2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP)          DNNA

following models WITH ECE (AWD):
Vehicle                                      Engine/Power                                     Engine code
Audi A3 (8Y)                               40 TFSI 2.0 (140kW/190HP) quattro      DNNA
Audi Q2 (GA)                              40 TFSI 2.0 (140kW/190HP) quattro      DNNA
Audi Q3 (F3)                              40 TFSI 2.0 (140kW/190HP) quattro      DNNA
Audi TT (8S)                               TTS 2.0 TFSI (235kW/320HP) quattro    DNFD
Audi TT (8S)                               45 TFSI 2.0 (180kW/245HP) quattro      DNPA
Cupra Formentor (KM7)             2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4Drive              DNNA
Seat Ateca (5FP/KH)                   2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4Drive              DNNA
Seat Tarraco (KN)                       2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4Drive              DNNA
Skoda Karoq (NU7)                    2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4x4                  DNNA
Skoda Kodiaq                             2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4x4                  DNNA
Skoda Octavia III (5E)                2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4x4                  DNNA
Skoda Superb III (3V)                2.0 TSI (206kW/280HP) 4x4                  DNFE
VW Golf Mk8                              2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4motion           DNNA
VW Tiguan II (AD)                     2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4motion           DNNA
VW T-Roc (A1)                          2.0 TSI (140kW/190HP) 4motion           DNNA