CTS Turbo 8V/8Y RS3 2.5T Evo Race Intercooler

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CTS Turbo is proud to announce our RACE fit FMIC for the 8V/8Y RS3 2.5T EVO with updated BLACK finish.

The OEM intercooler delivers underwhelming performance, this platform benefits greatly from an intercooler upgrade. Vehicles at stock boost levels, and especially on tuned cars will all see a large improvement over the factory equipped hardware.

This race intercooler meets our extensive quality control and pressure testing (up to 50psi). Cast aluminum end tanks attach to factory hoses seamlessly to ensure a boost-leak free fit that results in increased horsepower and torque. If you are looking to get the maximum performance in very high power and boost applications this is the intercooler for you.

Stock FMIC size: 6.3 tall x 25.3 wide x 3.2 thick = 510.05 in3

CTS RACE: 13.875 tall x 26 wide x 4 thick = 1,443 in3


    • Efficient bar and plate construction
    • Internal air-directing fins provide smooth flow and minimize pressure drop
    • Low-pressure drop, high air flow
    • Designed using the latest 3D scanning technology
    • Complete replacement for restrictive factory part
    • Rated for power levels in excess of 1000HP
    • Cast aluminum end tanks result in superior flow
    • Now only available in our new beautiful and durable black finish


  • 2018-2020 8V Audi RS3 (without ACC)
  • 2022-current 8Y Audi RS3 with with ACC


**8V RS3 This is not a direct fit intercooler and requires the removal of the OEM crash bar. We have a support bracket coming in the near future, but this doesn’t affect the performance in any way. TRIMMING OF PLASTIC RADIATOR SUPPORT IS REQUIRED.

**8Y RS3 requires trimming of the plastic radiator supports in order to fit the race intercooler. The OEM crash bar WILL work with the our race intercooler.