CTS Turbo Audi B8 S4 Catback

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CTS Turbo has been dedicated to manufacturing performance parts for enthusiasts by enthusiasts since its inception. Our continued development of the B8 platform is not limitted to FMIC kits or Turbo kits, our all new catback exhaust system is evidence of that. The CTS Turbo B8 S4 catback exhaust system is hand tig welded using the finest T304 stainless steel.

Each CTS B8 S4 catback is 100% tig welded, constructed using T304 Seamless Stainless Steel, and includes installation hardware and stainless steel clamps.   Lesser products can be had without stainless steel construction, or with seamed stainless steel, which can crack and decay over time.  The CTS Turbo B8 S4 catback increases throttle response, and peak power.

Product Details:
– True Stainless steel catback exhaust
– Aggressive sound under hard driving, but subtle when cruising
– CNC mandrel bent stainless steel piping
– Polished stainless steel exhaust tubing
– 3″ stainless steel exhaust tips
– Fits manual and DSG transmission
– Aftermarket cross/underbraces may require spacers for clearance

NOTE: Starting in 2012, Audi started to use a SoundAktor system.

1) A speaker by the base of the windshield. This speaker is activated in Dynamic mode. This speaker produces a fake intake sound.

2) Sounds from the stereo system. These sounds are to produce a sporty exhaust note and are on all the time, regardless of selected MMI mode.

To disable the SoundAktor, you must remove fuse number 5 on block A of the driver-side fuse box. This will disable the system without causing a check engine light or any faults.
This fuse is labeled “Sound actuator/exhaust sound tuning” on the owner’s manual. CONSULT YOUR MANUAL FOR FUSE LOCATION.

When installing our performance exhaust system on cars equipped with SoundAktor, we highly recommend removing this fuse or disabling the SoundAktor via VAGCOM.


  • 2010-2016 B8/B8.5 Audi S4 3.0T supercharged (with or without sport diff)