CTS Turbo JB-600 Journal Bearing Hybrid Turbocharger MQB (2015-2020)

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We heard your demands and we are happy to unveil our latest  premium hybrid turbo with a stainless steel exhaust housing specifically designed for MQB platform vehicles.

At CTS, we received a massive amount of requests from our customers seeking a budget-friendly-direct-bolt-on turbo upgrade for their existing IS12, IS20, or IS38 turbochargers. To meet these demands, we have designed our very own journal bearing turbocharger upgrade.

The goal was to develop a drop-in turbo with fast spool, massive torque curve and reliable performance. Our engineers decided to keep the journal bearing CHRA from our popular IS38 turbocharger and spice it up a bit, to match the larger wheels and a performance-oriented nature of this upgrade. The thrust bearings and thrust collars were increased by 2mm to accommodate the extra load. The oil passages were increased by 0.72mm to allow the most efficient hydrodynamic wedge when the turbocharger is in operation. This turbocharger was extensively tested on our own and our partner vehicles around the world, at different altitudes and different climates.

Long story short: this turbocharger is capable of delivering approximately 600 crank hp, around 520-530whp on E85 and 430-460whp on pump 93 octane**. The turbocharger is designed for street use, focusing mostly on fast spool times and solid mid-range performance.

We recommend to keep the boost within 25-28psi, less if you’re limited by fueling or stock engine. Do not exceed the recommended boost range, as it will reduce efficiency.


  • Perfect street turbocharger upgrade, fantastic spool and mid-range response
  • Journal bearing direct-fit CHRA (compatible with all factory oil and coolant lines)
  • Billet reverse rotation compressor wheel, 53.1mm inducer, 71mm-76mm exducer with extended tip (6+6 blade configuration)
  • Inconel TD06SL2 reverse rotation turbine wheel, 54mm exducer, 60mm inducer (11 blade configuration)
  • Stainless Steel proprietary turbine housing, made precisely for factory fitment
  • VSR Balanced to OE tolerances
  • Compatible with most tuning solutions for popular hybrid turbos (United Motorsport, Eurodyne, COBB)
  • Compatible with OE or replacement wastegate actuators
  • Compatible with OE or aftermarket turbo inlets and turbo outlets, however we recommend our 2.5″ turbo outlet pipe, see below

Fitment is for all MQB-based EA888.3 vehicles:

  • 2015-2019 VW Golf/Sportwagen/Alltrack
  • 2015-2020 VW GTI
  • 2015-2019 VW Golf R
  • 2019-2023 VW Jetta GLI
  • 2018-2021 VW Arteon
  • 2015-2020 Audi A3
  • 2015-2020 Audi S3
  • 2015-2020 Audi TT
  • 2015-2020 Audi TTS
  • ROW models can vary

Required parts (not included):

  • Performance downpipe
  • Performance air intake
  • Performance intercooler
  • Factory or aftermarket wastegate actuator
  • Software tuning for hybrid turbo
  • Installation hardware for factory turbocharger, listed at the bottom of the page

Recommended parts (not included):

  • 2.5″ turbo outlet pipe
  • MPI kit and upgraded fuel pump, confirm with your tuner
  • HPFP upgrade, confirm with your tuner
  • High-flow exhaust

 NOTE: Always follow the proper procedure for checking/adjusting the wastegate actuator when installing the turbo! Recommended wastegate actuator voltage: 3.4V-3.6V

Installation must be performed by a qualified technician. Always pre-fill the turbocharger, replace engine oil and filter, follow proper break-in procedures.

Installation hardware or gaskets (use same install kit as the factory turbo), wastegate actuator, turbo outlet fitting not included.

**result may vary, depending on your location, fueling, dyno, etc


Hardware and gaskets required for installation:

  • 06L253039A – Turbo Inlet Gasket
  • 5Q0253115B – Turbo Outlet Seal
  • WHT007210 – Turbo Mount Nuts (x4)
  • N90067202 – Turbo Oil Line O-ring (x2)
  • WHT006112 – Turbo Oil Line Gasket
  • WHT006113 – Turbo Oil Line Gasket
  • WHT006114 – Coolant Hose O-Ring
  • WHT006124 – Coolant Hose O-Ring
  • WHT005558 – Coolant Hose O-Ring