dÄHLer Carbon Trunk Spoiler - BMW M4 G82, G22 Coupe

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Carbon Trunk Spoiler BMW M4 G82 and G22 Coupe
 – V Type Style –
for all BMW 4 series M4 G82 and G22 Coupe

This carbon trunk spoiler can be easily installed with a high quality dual sided tape (included in delivery). Made from authentic, hand laid carbon fiber material, epoxy resin and then finished in a durable gloss clear coat for UV-protection and extra durability.

Every of our carbon trunk spoilers for the M4 G82 and  BMW G22 4 series coupe is made from high-quality 3K twill wave carbon with a UV coat to prevent yellowing. It can be maintained with ease just like the paint on your car.

This carbon trunk spoiler provides a sporty style that’s sure to set your BM4 G82 and  BMW G22 4 series coupe apart from the rest and installs with no drilling, cutting, or modification of any kind required.

Upgrade your exterior styling on your M4 G82 and  BMW G22 4 series coupe with a trunk spoiler. You do not need to have the M sport package for this, so even if you have the base model, our product will install properly.

This competition inspired product is an aggressively styled product modeled after the M big brother. With a unique contour and aerodynamic design, this spoiler should be a top contender on your bucket list for that ultimate exotic look.

This is a great first mod on anyone’s journey in the aftermarket world and truly adds quite a dynamic look to the stock BMW.

This spoiler was engineered and designed to offer a more aggressive look that matches the factory appeal of the BMW 3 series Sedan.

True to the motto:
Exact like a Swiss clockwork, the carbon trunk spoiler meets the highest demands in optics and fitting accuracy.

Perfect the looks with a carbon trunk spoiler for your M4 G82 and  BMW G22 4 series coupe with dAHLer Competition Line.