dÄHLer Exhaust System - BMW X5 M Competition F95

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BMW X5 M Competition F95 Performance Exhausts
Experience dÄHLer RedLine Exhaust Line

A dÄHLer RedLine exhaust system for the BMW X5 M F95 comes with a high-performance muffler and 2 exhaust valves with a much more aggressive sound then the stock muffler but still be perfectly livable for daily driving.

The dÄHLer RedLine exhaust system includes a high-flow, valve controlled, stainless-steel performance muffler comes with our Valve Controller X black edition with memory and startup mode (only package offer) for those who want to be fully in command of the exhaust sound and .

dÄHLer RedLine is the most aggressive sounding performance exhaust system that dÄHLer offers for the X5 M F95. What that basically means is this muffler specifically designer on the engineer BMW vehicle to have that aggressive sound, yet still provide no drone at highway speeds.

Our RedLine exhaust system for the BMW X5M F95 is here to improve your driving experience with an awesome sound and a noticeable bump in performance.

Under normal driving conditions, our valve-controlled performance muffler stays closed, as operation of exhaust valves is unchanged and the dAHLer RedLine exhaust system is quite unassuming. But, when the valve-controlled system opens up the exhaust valves and our dÄHLer RedLine exhaust system gives your BMW X5M that menacing growl.


No check engine lights, no re-programming of your car or anything silly is required after installation of our exhaust systems. All dÄHLer exhaust systems are compatible with ALL F95 X5M models and are approved and tested to the latest emission standards and is EPA compliant (USA).

dÄHLer RedLine Exhaust System

High-quality made brushed finish stainless steel exhaust system with 2 exhaust valves

Delivers a much more aggressive sound then the stock muffler

Muffler with high-polished surface and lasered dÄHLer shadow logo

Double valve-controlled, stock exhaust valve actuators are reused and operation of exhaust valves is unchanged

2 black matte double round exhaust tips left and right
101 mm / 3.94 inches each

Necessary mounting hardware included

-EPA compliant
-Works with ALL F95 models
-Works with dÄHLer Valve Controller