DORCH DS25 HPFP Upgrade - BMW N55

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DS25-250 HPFP Specs DS25-250 DS25-250
+ 38% N55LK
+ 49% N55LK
Flow Potential Gasoline 750whp 900whp 1000whp
Flow Potential E85 550whp 690whp 770whp
Operating Pressure 250 Bar 250 Bar 250 Bar

Welcome to the home of the highest powered direct injection N55 cars on the planet! If your power goals extend beyond the capacity of our DS25 HPFP alone, be sure to check out your options of pairing it with our N55LK innovation.

We’re proud to introduce our latest generation of pumps! Our widely successful “Dorch Stage 2” (DS2) has been replaced with our latest and greatest creation; the DS25. This new pump is our “Stage 2.5” which has been completely redesigned and optimized from the ground up. Externally we’ve updated the pump packaging to provide improved hose routing for even easier installations. Internally, we’ve re-worked the pressure chamber, spring rates, plunger depth, and completely optimized the volumetric efficiency of the pump.

What does this mean? It means the most reliable and highest flowing N55 pump on the market just got even MORE reliable and even MORE flow! The DS25 is also designed to run efficiently all the way up to 250 bar in order to maximize the flow potential of upgraded DI injectors.

Just like our previous generation DS2 kit, there’s no cutting, no bending, no crimping, etc. This kit drops right in with full control from the DME, just like the OEM pump. All of the safety and sophistication of the stock DME remain in place. Software changes are required to run this pump. If using MHD or Bootmod3, simply check the box for our pump upgrade when flashing. Otherwise, please send your .BIN file to for the appropriate software implementation via WinOLS.

Beyond the pump performance, why choose Dorch?
  • PLUG AND PLAY: This kit is truly 100% plug and play OEM fitment. Our kit is equipped with everything you need, including our 250 bar capacity hardline to effortlessly connect our HPFP to your fuel rail.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: The reason we can offer this is simply because our pumps are THAT reliable. That said, on the slim chance you have an issue, we’ve got your back!
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Ask around! It’s no secret that we offer unrivaled 24/7 support with REAL help. You’re an email away from professional engineers, technicians, and our tuner, who can solve anything you throw at them.
  • TUNING SUPPORT: We aren’t just a hard part’s manufacturer. We have a dedicated calibration engineer in-house who painstakingly develops all of our HPFP files using OEM calibration tools and supports a global tuning network.
Installation Instructions:

N55 HPFP Installation


  • Dorch Lifetime Warranty
  • HPFP w/ Hardware
  • Dorch High Pressure Line
  • PTFE Low Pressure Hose
  • Plug and Play Adapter Harness


  • F87 – M2
  • F20/21 – 135i, 135xi
  • F22/23 – 235i, 235xi
  • F30/31/34 – 335i, 335xi
  • F32/33/36 – 435i, 435xi
  • F10/11 – 535i, 535xi *
  • F25/26 –  X3/X4 35i *
  • F15/16 – X5/X6 35i
  • E8X – 135i *
  • E9X – 335i *
  • E84 – X1 35i *
  • E70/71 – X5/X6 35i *

*ONLY 2013+ models with OE Bosch HPFP
KIT NOT COMPATIBLE with 2011-2012 N55 Vehicles