Ego-X Catback Exhaust System 3,5" - BMW 435i, 440i F32, F36 (with ECE)

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This EGO-X exhaust system for the BMW F32 435i/440i and F36 440i Grand Coupé is processed by TIG welding and handmade and consists of absorption silencers, without chambers. The piping diameter is about 3,5" (89mm).

Technical Details:
- Pipe diameter: 3,5" (89mm)
- Pipe material: stainless steel
- Absorption silencer: handmade in our company
- Catback
- TIG welded

Important notes:
Note 1: For the 4.35i a part of the OEM exhaust system has to be taken over and disconnected. (it is about the 50cm long piece of the exhaust system in which the oval flexible pipe is located)
The background is as follows: The oval OEM pipe has a connection diameter of 83mm at the point where our adapter is attached. A production from downpipe in 89mm is not possible due to the position of the OEM downpipe on the 35er models and would mean that this piece has to be manufactured in 76mm. This would represent an 8mm smaller cross-section than OEM and thus a bottleneck. Since we always design our exhaust systems for the maximum possible performance increase, this is the only option.
Note 2: On vehicles with OPF, the OPF is located under the vehicle and integrated into the OEM exhaust system. So, the OEM exhaust system must first be cut behind the OPF, then the EGO-X exhaust system will be mounted with the adapter pipe at the separated point by a clamp.

- Catback exhaust system
- Cable material for connection to the on-board electronics
- Vacuum hose for connecting the Bull-X Tronic to the exhaust valve
- Tailpipes (optionally available)
- Assembly instructions
- Mounting material
- Bull-X Tronic control unit (When selecting the ECE variant)

ATTENTION! The offered exhaust system is not permitted in the area of the German road traffic licensing regulations! With the ECE Bull-X Tronic control unit and the EC catalytic converter you may legally use your vehicle in public road traffic. The use of all other controls and/or catalytic converters is only intended for racing purposes. If, despite our advice, you install an exhaust system WITHOUT ECE approval, you will be liable to prosecution. Imminent consequences can be, among other things: expiry of the operating licence, immobilisation of the vehicle, charges for tax evasion, as well as possible investigations by the environmental authorities.

BULL-X Exhausts produces exhaust systems at the highest level.
Bull-X is a trademark of HG Motorsport GmbH and deals with the development, design and manufacture of high-performance exhaust systems. Each product is the 100% Made in Germany. Hand Crafted from our company.

EGO-is a product line of Bull-Exhausts. The special features of this line are the processing in TIG welding, the materials and the possibility of a registration free flap exhaust system.