HFI Carbon Air Intake Kit - EA888.3 VAG (A3 8V, Golf Mk7, Leon Cupra, Octavia)

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This Generation 3 Intake made by HF-Series is the result of years of experience and continuous development. The suction is made entirely from carbon fiber. So we can guarantee the highest tensile strength and stiffness. 4x as strong as aluminum, vibration and gas- and pressure-tight - perfect for best airflow. This system is especially developed with a Pipercross Air Filter.

The new feature:
The air filter is located transversely to the direction of flow. This ensures that the maximum flow rate that can be drawn. The development is completely an inhouse production. With elaborate 3D scans and flow simulation, we have managed to create the ultimate in efficiency and performance in combination with an incomparable intake noise.

The HFI Carbon Air Intake Kit fits at 1.8-2.0 TSI engines with Euro 6 emission class. Suitable for both production vehicles as well as vehicles with performance engines.
This Intake Kit replaces the complete airbox incl. The OEM intake funnel and suction

This kit has an parts certificate for problem-free registration according to §19.3.

Pipercrossfilter: air throughput of 503,1cfm

To get the maximum performance we recommend to add the Turboinlet to your air intake, which you can optionally receive when purchasing this Intake in the set, and our Air baffle.

In the following values you can see the OEM intake compared to our HF-Series Turboinlet:
- OEM: 219cfm
- HF-Series: 334cfm

The Facts at a glance:
- Carbon Airbox 3rd Generation
- 100 % in house development with 3D scanning and flow simulation
- Real Carbon
- 76mm intake pipe
- Air intake over the entire width of the lock carrier
- With Pipercross air filter
- Flow-optimized air and direct flow to the air filter
- Maximum performance and efficiency
- Reinforced intake noise
- Incl. parts certificate for problem-free registration according to §19.3

Performance diagram in combination with a Stage 1 software optimisation:

For a bigger view, pleace click on the picture.

HF-Series is the first point of contact when it comes to fresh air supply in vehicles. With this brand, HG-Motorsport has combined professional research and production of high quality intake systems, intercoolers and air guidance systems. In addition to 3D scanning of the vehicle periphery for perfect fitting accuracy, this also includes long series of tests to combine the optimum components for each individual model. The result is racing products.



Vehicle                     EG-BE-Nr.                      Engine code  Capacity      Power(Kw/rpm)
Audi A3 8V                e1*2007/46*0607*..         CJSA/CJSB    1798cm³       132/5100-6200
Audi A3 8V                e1*2007/46*0607*..         CZPB             1984cm³       140/4200-6000
Audi A3 8V                e1*2007/46*0607*..         CJXC             1984cm³       221/5500-6200
Audi A3 8V                e1*2007/46*0607*..         CJXG/DJHA   1984cm³       228/5500-6500
Audi TT 8J(8S)          e1*2001/116*0369*..       CHH              1984cm³       169/4500-6200
Audi TTS 8J(8S)        e1*2001/116*0369*..       CJXG             1984cm³       228/5800-6200
VW Golf Mk7 AU         e1*2007/46*0623*..        CHH             1984cm³       162/4500
VW Golf Mk7 AU         e1*2007/46*0623*          CHH             1984cm³       169/4700
VW Golf Mk7 AU         e1*2007/46*0623*..        CJX              1984cm³       221/5500-6200
VW Golf Mk7 AUV       e1*2007/46*0627*..        CJX              1984cm³       221/5500-6200
VW Golf Mk7 AUV       e1*2007/46*0627*..        CJS              1798cm³       132/5000
VW Golf Mk7 AU         e1*2007/46*0623*..        CJXB            1984cm³       206/5100-6500
VW Golf Mk7 AU/FL    e1*2007/46*0623*..        CHHA           1984cm³       169/5000
VW Golf Mk7 AU/FL    e1*2007/46*0623*..        DLBA            1984cm³       180/5500
VW Golf Mk7 AU/FL    e1*2007/46*0623*          DJHA            1984cm³       228/5500
VW Golf Mk7 AU/FL    e1*2007/46*0623*          DNUC           1984cm³       213/5300-6600
VW Golf Mk7 AUV/FL  e1*2007/46*0627*..        DJHA            1984cm³       228/5500
VW Golf Mk7 AU         e1*2007/46*0623*..        CJXE            1984cm³       195/5300-6600
VW Golf Mk7 AU         e1*2007/46*0623*..        CJXG            1984cm³       228/5300-6600
VW PASSAT B8          e1*2001/116*0307*...     CJSA            1798cm³       132/5100-6200
VW PASSAT B8          e1*2001/116*0307*...     CHHB           1984cm³       162/4500-6200
VW PASSAT B8          e1*2001/116*0307*...     CJXA            1984cm³       206/5600-6500
VW ARTEON 3H        e1*2007/*2016*..            CZPB            1984cm³       140/4180-6000
VW ARTEON 3H        e1*2007/46*1725*..        DJHC            1984cm³       206/5600
Seat Leon 5F             e9*2007/46*0094*..        CJSA/CJSB    1798cm³       132/5100-6200
Seat Leon 5F             e9*2007/46*0094*..        CJXE             1984cm³       195/5350-6500
Seat Leon 5F             e9*2007/46*0094*..        CJXA             1984cm³       206/5600-6600
Seat Leon 5F             e9*2007/46*0094*..        CJXH             1984cm³       213/5900-6400
Seat Leon 5F             e9*2007/46*0094*..        CJXC             1984cm³       221/5500-6200
Seat Leon 5F             e9*2007/46*0094*..        CJXG             1984cm³       228/5800-6500
Skoda Octavia 5E      e11*2007/46*0243*..      CJSA/CJSB    1798cm³       132/4500-6200
Skoda Octavia 5E      e11*2007/46*0243*..      CHHB            1984cm³       162/4500-6200
Skoda Octavia 5E      e11*2007/46*0243*..      CHHA            1984cm³       169/4700-6200
Skoda Octavia 5E      e11*2007/46*0243*..      DLBA             1984cm³       180/4700-6200
Skoda Octavia 5E      e11*2007/46*0244*..      CJSA/CJSB    1798cm³       132/4500-6200
Skoda Octavia 5E      e11*2007/46*0244*..      CHHB            1984cm³       162/4500-6200
Skoda Octavia 5E      e11*2007/46*0244*..      CHHA            1984cm³       169/4700-6200
Skoda Octavia 5E      e11*2007/46*0244*..      DLBA             1984cm³       180/4700-6200
Skoda Superb 3V      e11*2001/116*0326*32-  CJXA             1984cm³       206/5600-6500

Skoda Superb 3V      e11*2007/46*0014*22-    CJXA             1984cm³       206/5600-6500