HFI Carbon Air Intake Kit - Gen.2 "Plus" VAG 2.0 T(F)SI EA113 (Golf Mk5/6, S3 8P)

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This HF-Series Gen.2 "Plus" Air Intake Kit replaces the engine cover including the oem air filter and intake piping.
Already during demounting, you will see that the oem intake piping drops out restrictive.

The optimized Gen.2 "Plus" Airbox of this HF-Series intake system is made of carbon fibre and inludes a filter element, which was especially developed for this intake system. It´s a Pipercross "Dry" Air Filter, which is not oiled, so it doesn´t cause a damage at the air mass meter.

In addition, this "Plus" Intake, in contrast to the regular Gen.2 HFI Air Intake in already uprated engines, without renewed software optimization, record a power increase of up to 8HP and 15NM torque. (Depending on software optimization)

At uprated vehicles we´ll recommend to use a separate heatshield in combination with our HF-Series Air Intake. (optionally available)

The connection between Airbox and the turbocharger is the Gen.2 Intake Pipe, which optimizes the intake air, the sound of the charger and visually improves your engine compartment.

Pipercrossfilter: Air Flow 503,1cfm

- Generation 2 "Plus" Carbon Airbox
- Pipercross "Dry" Air filter (oilfree)
- HF-Series Gen.2 Intake pipe
- Mounting material (clamps, adapter, etc....)
- Incl. parts certificate for problem-free registration according to §19.3

The air filter is included. If you need it as a replacement part, please click HERE.
If you need the cleaning set for oilfree filters please click HERE.

The advantages of this product are:
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1. Improved Flow for highest efficiency:

direct comparison:
OEM          = 195,5 cfm
HFI V2       = 312,7 cfm
HFI V2plus = 376,9 cfm

2. Improved Performance:

HF-Series is the first point of contact when it comes to fresh air supply in vehicles. With this brand, HG-Motorsport has combined professional research and production of high quality intake systems, intercoolers and air guidance systems. In addition to 3D scanning of the vehicle periphery for perfect fitting accuracy, this also includes long series of tests to combine the optimum components for each individual model. The result is racing products.


folgende 2.0 TFSI mit Euro 4:
Fahrzeug        Typ   EG-BE-Nr.:                 MKB
Audi A3/S3       8P     e1*2001/116*0217*..  AXX / BWA / BHZ
Audi TT            8J     e1*2001/116*0369*..   AXX / BWA / BHZ
Seat Altea        5P     e9*2001/116*0050*..   BWA / BWJ
Seat Leon         1P     e9*2001/116*052*..    BWA / BWJ
Seat Toledo      5P     e9*2001/116*0050*..   BWA / BWJ
Skoda Octavia   1Z     e11*2001/116*0230*.. BWA
VW EOS           1F     e1*2001/116*0349*..   AXX / BWA / BPY / BYD
VW Golf 5         1K      e1*2001/116*0242*..  AXX / BWA / BPY / BYD
VW Jetta          1KM   e1*2001/116*0328*..   AXX / BWA / BPY / BYD
VW Passat        3C     e1*2001/116*0307*..   AXX / BWA / BPY / BYD

folgende 2.0 TFSI mit Euro 5:
Fahrzeug        Typ   EG-BE-Nr.:                 MKB
Audi A3/S3       8P     e1*2001/116*0217*.. CDLC / CDLA
Seat Leon         1P     e9*2001/116*0052*.. CDLD / CDLA
VW Golf 6         1K      e1*2001/116*0242*.. CDLA / CDLG / CDLF
VW Scirocco     13      e1*2001/116*0471*.. CDLC / CDLA

folgende 2.0 TFSI mit Euro 6:
Fahrzeug                  EG-BE-Nr.:                 MKB    Leistung
VW Scirocco R Facelift e1*2001/116*0471*.. CDL     206kW / 280PS