HG-Motorsport Ignition Coil VAG Gen 3

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High performance ignition coils

 1.8 - 2.0L TFSI and 2.5L TFSI high performance ignition coil in red.

The original ignition coils are very sensitive and could lead to misfiring.
We have the solution to this problem:
The HIGH Performance ignition coil is very stable and is in demand for tuned 1.8 - 4.0 TFSI engines.

The ignition coils have a better combustion due to the stronger ignition spark, which also reduces fuel consumption.

The ignition coil fits:
all 1.8 - 4.0L TFSI / TSI engines
2.5L TFSI TTRS and RS3 engines

With the HG-Motorsport high-performance ignition coils, you not only create a real eye-catcher in your engine compartment, but also improve the performance and reliability of your engine.

The ignition coils are technically perfect and ensure an optimum ignition spark, which in turn leads to improved combustion and power delivery.

Whether as a replacement for defective original coils or as an upgrade for performance-enhanced engines, HG Motorsport high-performance ignition coils are the ideal solution.

Convince yourself of the quality and performance of HG-Motorsport high-performance ignition coils and give your engine compartment a new boost. Order now and experience a noticeable improvement in your vehicle.

Plug & Play installation simply replace the original parts

HGHSZ01 replaces the following OEM part numbers :

06F 905 115 End letters A-G

06H 905 115 end letters A-B

07K 905 115 end letters A-G

HGHSZ02 replaces the following OEM part numbers:

06H 905 110 End letters D-L

06J 905 110 end letters B-N

06K 905 110 End letters C-G

Please select the appropriate number. Price per coil.