HJS ECE Downpipe - Audi RS3 8V, 8Y, RSQ3, TTRS 8S, FORMENTOR VZ5 2.5 TFSI OPF

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The downpipe is perfect for production and upgraded vehicles.
By installing this downpipe a slight increase in performance as well as an improvement of the response behavior can be seen.

Another deciding factor for the purchase of this downpipe is that the exhaust gas temperatures drop and the turbocharger is relieved.

Technical Details:
• ECE R103 approved, registration free
• 200cpsi tuning stainless steel catalyst
• 200cpsi tuning ceramic OPF
• Plug&Play
• Performance enhancement
• Less exhaust gas back pressure
• Thermal relief of the turbocharger
• Sporty sound


Vehicle                                           Type  Engine    Power                Engine type
Audi RS3 III Sportback / Limousine    8V     2.5 TFSI   294kW/ 400HP    DNWA
Audi RS3 III Sportback / Limousine    GY     2.5 TFSI   294kW/ 400HP    DNWC
Audi RSQ3 Sportback                        F3     2.5 TFSi    294kW/ 400HP    DNWA
Audi TTRS Roadster / Coupé             8J      2.5 TFSI   294kW/ 400HP    DNWA
Cupra Formentor VZ5                       KM     2.5 VZ5    287kW/ 390HP    DNWB