HJS ECE Downpipe - BMW 114i, 116i, 118i, 120i F20, 316i, 320i F30 N13B16A 1.6L

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Downpipes are dimensionally involved in the points of draft and performance.
They are the "link" between the exhaust probe and the exhaust system.
The catalyst developed by the HJS Tuning experts has gone through all stages of development.

Made of stainless steel and coated with the motorsport-derived calotte thermal insulation, is now available a high-tech tuning product for BMW drivers.
The significantly reduced exhaust backpressure of the HJS tuning catalyst is not only for reduced temperatures in the turbocharger, but also for a significantly better response of the engine.

Of course, a performance and torque improvement is to be checked exactly. In addition, the metal carrier used provides even for a sonorous sound.
With the ECE approval, a booking in the vehicle documents is required, nor is the manufacturer's warranty changed because the test is performed on a foreign part.

The advantages at a glance:
• lower exhaust temperature, so the charger and the exhaust manifold is more protected
• the turbocharger is able to lead off the exhaust gas easier, this is the reason for more power
• better torque range, because the charger can speed up faster
• inlet pipe: Ø 76mm, outlet pipe: Ø 61,5mm
• with 200 cells catalyst


following BMW models with 1.6 Liter N13B16A Euro 5/6 engines:
Model    Type                  Power(kW)
114i        F20/1K2/1K4      75
116i        F20/1K2/1K4      100
118i        F20/1K2/1K4      100/125
120i        F20/1K2/1K4      130
316i        F30/3L               100
320i        F30/3L               125