HJS ECE Downpipe - BMW M340i, 540i, 640i, 740i, 840i, Z4 M40i, TOYOTA SUPRA 3.0L OPF B58B30

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The downpipe is perfect for production and upgraded vehicles.
By installing this downpipe a slight increase in performance as well as an improvement of the response behavior can be seen.

Another deciding factor for the purchase of this downpipe is that the exhaust gas temperatures drop and the turbocharger is relieved.

Downpipe Performance: up to +15HP power and +20Nm torque

Technical Details:
• ECE road approval
• 300 cpsi stainless steel catalyst
• Pipe diameter Ø89 mm / 76 mm with V-belt clamp to the exhaust system
• Flow-optimised inlet flange for optimum flow to the catalyst and Venturi effect to increase the flow velocity
• 50% raised Flow Bench
• Up to +15HP / +20NM


Manuf.   Model                                 Power       Engine         Type
BMW       M340i xDrive                       275kW       B58B30B       G3K / G3L
BMW       540i                                    250kW       B58B30C       G5L
BMW       540i xDrive                         250kW       B58B30C       G5L
BMW       640i Gran Tourismo             250kW       B58B30C       G6GT
BMW       640i Gran Tourismo xDrive  250kW       B58B30C       G6GT
BMW       740i Limousine                    250kW       B58B30C       7L
BMW       740i Limousine xDrive         250kW       B58B30C       7L
BMW       840i Cabrio                         250kW       B58B30C       G8C
BMW       840i Cabrio xDrive              250kW       B58B30C       G8C
BMW       840i Coupé                         250kW       B58B30C       G8C
BMW       840i Gran Coupé xDrive      250kW       B58B30C       G8C
BMW       Z4 M40i                              250kW       B58B30C       G4Z
Toyota    Supra Mk5                          250kW       B58B30C       JTSC (DB41/DB42/DB43)