HJS ECE Downpipe - VAG 1.8-2.0 TSI EA888 GEN.3 (Golf Mk7 GTI, Leon 5F Cupra)

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Note: This downpipe is not available from HJS for an undetermined time.


The downpipe is perfect for production and upgraded vehicles.
They are the "link" between the exhaust side of the turbocharger and the exhaust system.

By installing this downpipe a slight increase in performance as well as an improvement in the response can be seen.
Another deciding factor for the purchase of this downpipe is that the exhaust gas temperatures drop and the turbocharger is relieved.

The advantages at a glance:
• More torque, because the loader reaches faster speed
• Lower exhaust gas temperature, thus the manifold and loader are spared
• The turbochargers can dissipate the exhaust gases more easily, resulting in more power

• Pipe diameter HJS: 76mm / BULL-X: 89mm above - 76mm catback
• With 200 cells HJS-sportcatalyst incl. ECE-approval (This cat is also used for the Bull-X Downpipe)
• HJS: inert gas welded / Bull-X: TIG welded
• HJS: Material: stainless steel / Bull-X: stainless steel
• HJS: with reduction to standard exhaust system / Bull-X: incl. stainless steel reduction for easy installation on the standard system or a connecting sleeve with 76mm inner diameter for mounting on a 3" exhaust system. (optional)


Manuf.      Model                                      KBA-Type  Power(kW)
Audi            A3 III 1.8 FSI                              8V             132 **
Seat            Leon III 1.8 FSI                          5F              132 **
                  Leon III Cupra inkl. R 2.0 FSI      5F              195/206
                  Leon III Cupra 290                     5F              213
                  Leon III 2.0 Cupra R                   5F              221/228
Skoda         Octavia III 1.8 TFSI                    5E              132 **
                  Octavia III 2.0 FSI                      5E              162
                  Octavia III 2.0 TFSI 16V RS        5E              169
                  Superb 2.0                                3T(3V)        162
VW             Golf VII GTI 2.0 FSI                    AU              162/169
                  Golf VII GTI 2.0 FSI Clubsport     AU              195
                  Golf VII GTI 2.0 FSI Clubsport S  AU              228
                  Passat FSI 2.0                            3C              162

** For these vehicles, an adapter piece to 60mm is required for mounting.