Turbo Inlet + Intake Hose VAG 1.8-2.0 T(F)SI Audi A1/S1, Polo 6C GTI, Ibiza Cupra 6P

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This new development by HF-Series fits to the OEM Intakes for Polo GTI, Ibiza Cupra and A1/S1.
It´s a very important component, which is mounted right between the turbocharger and the air intake. Only as far as the entire intake system is optimized, the turbocharger and the engine are able to show their full capability. This product was developed to maximize and optimize the flow rate of air intakes.

Because the OEM part is designed restrictive and has additionally (regarding to the flow) a few disadvantageous edges on the inside. It´s not designed for maximum performance, because it also generates turbulences and pressure peaks. However, after 3D scanning and testing, our High-Flow Inlet Pipe was increased to the maximum diameter of 70mm.

This is the only way to perfect the air flow between air intake and turbocharger of your.
The results are a power improvement, earlier response and a increased durability of the turbocharger.

Facts of this High Flow Inlet Pipe:
- Flow optimized
- Improved performance and gas response
- Plug and Play installation (about 10min)
- without German MOT approval

Attention: Not suitable in combination with the OEM intake hose!


- High Flow Inlet Pipe

Flowbench OEM vs. HF-Series:


HF-Series is the first point of contact when it comes to fresh air supply in vehicles. With this brand, HG-Motorsport has combined professional research and production of high quality intake systems, intercoolers and air guidance systems. In addition to 3D scanning of the vehicle periphery for perfect fitting accuracy, this also includes long series of tests to combine the optimum components for each individual model. The result is racing products.



The silicone intake hose from Silicone Factory Hoses for 1.8 TSI engines such as in the Audi A1 incl. S1, Polo 6R/6C and Ibiza Cupra 6J Gen.3 have been carefully designed, manufactured and tested to improve stock performance in addition to exceeding the durability of the original parts.

The design of these hoses optimises the flow to the turbocharger, significantly improving response.

Thanks to the extensive testing and development process, this is a product that beats the original part in both durability and power delivery.

Performance benefits:

- Improves responsive performance
- Optimises turbocharger flow for better mid- to high-range power delivery
- The material absorbs hardly any engine heat due to the 5-layer reinforced silicone mixture

Our silicone hoses of SF-Hoses offer the perfect solution for the replacement of original hoses in all areas.
Whether for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, or in general use around combustion engines - our silicone works as water, pressure or suction hoses.
Often the problem with original hoses is that they become porous due to daily stress, which can lead to cracking or even bursting.

The multi-layer, fabric-reinforced silicone of SF-Hoses not only improves the visual appearance, but also, for example, better response behaviour, higher pressure resistance and a durability that is hard to beat.

Furthermore, these hoses are temperature resistant up to approx. 220°C, pressure stable up to approx. 6 bar and can be used in almost all areas, as they are available in diameters from 6mm to 127mm, as straight hoses or in angles from 45° to 180°.
All these factors make every article of SF-Hoses a top product, which should not be missing in any vehicle.