Pipercross Replacement Filter - Mercedes AMG GT

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The Pipercross air filters for your vehicle are oil-free, washable and reusable.
Besides the increased air flow, the air filters have many advantages compared to paper filters:

Oil-free air filters:
Pipercross air filters are not oiled and do not need to be oiled. The advantage is that no oil steams contaminate or damage the car's mass airflow sensor.
A dirty or defective mass airflow sensor would return false values, resulting in a noticeable loss of engine power.

Increased air flow:
Compared to standard paper air filters, Pipercross air filters offer 30%-40% increased air flow.
This is especially noticeable in high-performance cars when the engine needs to be supplied with sufficient oxygen.

Replacing the original paper air filter with a Pipercross air filter is usually not only quick and easy, but also legal.
Pipercross air filters may be installed in the car and do not require registration, acceptance or special approval.

Pipercross air filters consist of a special, multi-layer filter foam with different pore sizes (from coarse to fine). This three-layer foam is very easy to clean.
The air filter is no longer disposed of, which saves waste and is sustainable.
Pipercross filters do not have any oil residues and have 100% of their original performance again after cleaning. Cleaning is done quickly and easily.

One of the core benefits of Pipercross air filters is that, with the same amount of dirt, the air filters still have increased airflow compared to a cotton or paper filter.
The dirt is held in place by the unique foam surface, therefore the fresh intake air can continue to flow through.

We recommend cleaning after 15,000 - 20,000km at the latest or once a year.
The best time to clean the air filter is around the end of May/June after the pollen count, as the air filter is most heavily loaded after this time.

We offer a special cleaning agent for cleaning. Under no circumstances should aggressive cleaning agents such as petroleum ether, cleaning fluid, brake cleaner etc. be used, as this can damage the material.

Technical data:
Type: Panel Filter, Pair
Length: 306 mm
Width: 207 mm


Engine code: M 178.980
Manuf.              Model             Power
Mercedes-AMG    GT                   340kW/ 462HP    
Mercedes-AMG    GT                   350kW/ 476HP
Mercedes-AMG    GT                   390kW/ 530HP
Mercedes-AMG    GT S                375kW/ 510HP
Mercedes-AMG    GT S                384kW/ 522HP
Mercedes-AMG    GT C                410kW/ 557HP
Mercedes-AMG    GT R                430kW/ 585HP
Mercedes-AMG    GT Black Series 537kW/ 730HP